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Code Sight™ is an IDE plug-in that helps you address security defects in real time as you code.

Quickly find and fix security risks in source code, open source dependencies, API calls, and infrastructure-as-code (IaC) before you push vulnerabilities downstream. Get fast, accurate results for static application security testing (SAST) and software composition analysis (SCA) directly in your IDE.

Components that are pulled in by other components.

Automated Remediation

Code more securely without changing your workflow

Code Sight quickly and accurately detects security defects in application code and infrastructure-as-code files as you open, edit, and save them, so you can stay focused and fix security bugs before you check in.

Identify vulnerable open source dependencies

Code Sight gives you complete visibility into security risks in both direct and transitive open source dependencies, so you can select the most secure components and versions to use and avoid incompatible licenses.

Automated Remediation
Automated Remediation

Fix issues faster with automated remediation

When issues are found, Code Sight shows you exactly what code change or component upgrade is needed, and it can often make the fix automatically for you with just one click.

Write better code and avoid security issues

Real-time feedback and detailed remediation guidance help you learn more about common vulnerabilities as well as secure coding best practices.

Automated Remediation

More speed. Less rework.

Get started in minutes

Code Sight is a lightweight IDE plugin that you can download and install directly from your IDE’s marketplace.

Analyze code in seconds

Code Sight leverages industry-leading scan engines that can analyze large projects quickly, in the background, so you can keep coding.

Avoid costly rework

Fix issues while you code, and avoid the disruption of going back to fix vulnerabilities discovered during late-stage security tests.

Improve the effectiveness of downstream security testing

Code Sight complements downstream application security testing integrated into your build and CI pipelines. By “shifting security left” to the developer’s desktop, your team can address security issues early, reducing the noise and congestion that comes when vulnerabilities aren’t discovered until late in the life cycle, as well as the risk that undetected vulnerabilities will make it to production.

Code Sight

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