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As a provider of financial services, you depend on client trust, privacy, and risk management. It’s imperative that you protect the sensitive data your clients entrust you with from cyber attacks and data breaches. You need a solution that incorporates enterprise risk management (ERM) capabilities, not only to protect your company from the potential business impacts of a crisis but also to shield shareholders, customers, and the industry at large from any ripple effects.

Reduce risk in complex environments

Reduce risk in complex environments

Complex environments, data, and software can make your applications more prone to vulnerabilities and increase security risk. Synopsys can help you secure even the most complex configurations with software composition analysis and penetration testing.

Maximize development velocity

Maximize development velocity

Agile processes give you velocity, but it can be difficult to insert sufficient security processes without slowing down development. Synopsys can help you maximize speed while minimizing risk with our DevSecOps solutions.

Stop malicious attacks

Thwart malicious attacks

For an active defense posture, compliance isn’t enough. You must build security into your software throughout the development life cycle to protect it from threats that get exponentially smarter with each attack. 

Protect your clients’ privacy and strengthen their trust in you

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