Application Specific Instruction-Set Processors (ASIPs)

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Enabling the Design of Multicore SoCs with Application-Specific Processors

For applications requiring highly specialized processing, application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs) deliver greater computational efficiencies than general purpose processors and more flexibility than fixed-function RTL designs. ASIP Designer™ is the leading tool solution for creating ASIPs, which might be custom processors or programmable hardware accelerators that serve in next-generation SoCs, particularly where re-programmability provides a key competitive advantage. ASIP Designer enables designers to:

  • Create customized processing elements that are programmable in C
  • Adjust performance-sensitive algorithms without requiring silicon respins
  • Differentiate products using their own proprietary algorithmic IP
  • Reduce schedule risk and improve time-to-market using a proven, highly automated tool approach


Example Models

ASIP Designer comes with an extensive library of example models that can be used as a starting point for architectural exploration and customer-specific production ASIP designs, or just can be leveraged as reference implementation for selected architectural processor features.

All these example models come in source code with a fully operational toolset, SDK, baseline verification environment and are ready for push-the-button synthesizable RTL generation.

Click here for an overview of the available examples and their features.

Video: Introduction to ASIP Designer

Synopsys ASIP Designer: The efficient way to design, implement, program and verify your custom processor.

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