Synopsys tRoot Hardware Secure Modules

Root of Trust, tRoot

Deeply Embedded Security for Critical Applications

The Synopsys tRoot™ Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) offer silicon-proven, self-contained security solutions IP with Root of Trust for SoCs targeting a wide range of applications, including IoT, industrial control, networking, automotive, media and mobile devices.

Creating trust in devices begins early in the design process and figures in aspects of manufacturing, service and maintenance processes through and up to their eventual end of life. Many devices store and process valuable information such as service subscriptions, health records, credit card and banking information, and similar data on behalf of their owners that must be protected to prevent against threats and misuse against their rightful owners. Deeply embedded security has never been more critical.

Embedding a hardware root of trust enables chip manufacturers and their OEM/ODM customers to create a strong cryptographic device identity that is permanently bound to that unique device instance. This identity may be used by the manufacturer on the owner’s behalf to provide secure maintenance or enable new features and services over the entire lifecycle of the device. A critical element of retaining an owner’s trust in device is that the device’s integrity can be measured and demonstrated. This trust can then be extended to the network and other connected devices.

The Synopsys tRoot HSMs with Root of Trust provide designers with a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that protects sensitive information and data processing within their system-on-chips (SoCs) and communication with external entities.

  • The flexible tRoot Fx HSMs with programmable root of trust include fully programmable and highly configurable solutions that enable designers to tune the HSM to their exact requirements.
  • The pre-built tRoot Vx HSMs offer a defined security boundary for a complete, drop-in security solution.
  • The pre-verified tRoot HSM for Automotive adds hardware safety mechanisms for protection against permanent, transient and latent faults to its secure system. Synopsys tRoot HSM is certified by TUV-SGS as ISO-26262 ASIL-B compliant.