Synopsys OptoCompiler:
Making Photonic Design as Productive as Digital

Synopsys OptoCompiler is the industry’s first unified electronic and photonic design platform that combines mature and dedicated photonic technology with Synopsys’ industry-proven electronic design tools to enable engineers to produce and verify complex PIC designs quickly and accurately.

By providing schematic-driven layout and advanced photonic layout synthesis in a single platform, Synopsys OptoCompiler bridges the gap between photonic experts and IC designers to make photonic design as productive as digital design.

Synopsys OptoCompiler Enables Fast, Accurate Photonic IC Development

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Being able to design our electronics and photonics in the same platform is key. The Synopsys platform gives CMOS IC designers the ability to create PICs in a platform and flow that looks very much like a standard CMOS AMS flow."



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