Synopsys CCIX IP Solutions


Synopsys’ CCIX IP complete solution consisting of controller, PHY and verification IP, delivers data transfer rates up to 32GT/s and supports cache coherency for high performance cloud computing applications. The Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators (CCIX) standard was created to enable hardware accelerators and processors to maintain cache coherency across shared memory in a heterogeneous multi-processor system. It leverages PCI Express 4.0 line rates up to 16GT/s with extended speed mode to accelerate speeds up to 25GT/s for CCIX 1.0 as well as 32GT/s for CCIX 1.1. Synopsys is a contributing member of the CCIX Consortium.

Watch a complete end-to-end CCIX link operating at up to 25 Gb/s data rates, featuring the Synopsys CCIX PHY and controller IP. The demo highlights the advanced debug, error injection, and statistical analysis features as well as importance of setting the correct payload size for maximum throughput.