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Mask Solutions are the foundation for generations of chips and electronics innovations. Based on industry standards, Synopsys Mask Solutions are production-proven at both established and emerging process nodes down to 3nm and below. Our tools enable users to explore process and lithography options during path finding and enable fabs to more quickly develop and ramp new nodes to production, providing the fastest path from design to high volume manufacturing.

Key Benefits


Early Pathfinding

Explore process and litho options before new equipment and materials are available.


Accelerated Ramp

First time right mask synthesis


Improved Yield

Fastest path to silicon.

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Purple Silicon wafer

Leading-Edge Lithography Solutions

For development use models, Proteus and S-Litho have been tightly integrated to provide the upmost accuracy and predictability to deliver faster time-to-market results. Synopsys’ Mask Synthesis tools have been industry tested for almost two decades and are the tool of choice for leading-edge IDM’s and foundries. 

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Mask Manufacturing Excellence

CATS mask data preparation (MDP) software for semiconductor, TFT, HDD, MEMS and photonics mask and direct write equipment data preparation, is a highly scalable, easy to use, feature-rich product suite which provides data prep modules for data fracture, data verification, MRC, PEC, jobdeck processing, layer operations, and data sizing. CATS provides mask tapeout teams with a seamless extension to Proteus.

Power Designs (abstract)

Predictive Lithograpghy Simulation

Photolithography is the most critical and most expensive step within the manufacturing flow for semiconductor devices.  As an industry standard, S-Litho provides the core simulation technology to explore patterning options in DUV and EUV lithography, accelerate development, and reduce the number of costly experiments.  The comprehensive analysis of metrology data through S-Metro is critical for building accurate and predictive models.  The tools can be deployed embedded in Silicon WorkBench, a powerful layout visualization utility, for easy navigation within a test clip or a production circuit.

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