Drive Success for Software-Defined Vehicles

In the age of software-defined vehicles, Synopsys is a key to accelerating your automotive innovation. Safety, security, reliability, and quality are paramount in the new automotive digital value chain. Whether your teams are designing SoCs, developing multi-die systems or validating software dependability, Synopsys’ design and verification, prototyping, automotive-grade IP, and software security solutions help you create smarter, safer cars. Working with Synopsys experts, you can optimize automotive SoCs and multi-die systems upfront, expedite validation for software-defined vehicles, and increase vehicle safety and security across the supply chain.

Key Benefits

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Optimize SoC & E/E Architectures

Create differentiated, safe & secure SoCs and systems from requirements through the final product

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Expedite SW Validation for SDVs

Reduce development & validation efforts for safe, dependable & secure software, and move from physical to virtual testing

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Increase Vehicle Safety & Security

Meet SoC & software safety, security, reliability & quality requirements to protect brand

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Optimize SoC & E/E Architectures

Optimize your SoC and E/E architecture and design for differentiated, safe, and secure systems on the most advanced processes. Synopsys’ combination of design and verification solutions, automotive-grade IP, prototyping solutions, and experienced consultants will accelerate your team’s development of ISO 26262 compliant systems. You’ll simulate and validate each step of development before production with Synopsys digital twins and virtual models from SoC, to ECU, to vehicle E/E system. From the requirements phase to final delivery, Synopsys experts can guide your teams to automotive success.

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Expedite Software Validation for SDVs

Meet your systems’ performance requirements, start software development earlier, and speed your software testing with Synopsys. You’ll reduce your development and validation efforts for software-defined vehicles when moving from physical to virtual testing while helping to ensure safe, secure and dependable software. Expedite software development and test at each stage of the vehicle lifecycle from early exploration to in-field operation using Synopsys virtual prototyping, emulation, application security and silicon lifecycle management solutions.

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Increase Vehicle Safety & Security

Build safety, security and quality into your standards-compliant software and SoCs through all stages of the car’s lifecycle. You’ll deliver more robust software solutions with Synopsys vulnerability risk management from initial consulting through development and the ISO 21434 process. Minimize system defects and ensure functional correctness through early exploration, implementation, and verification stages while maintaining traceability and adhering to the ISO 26262 standard. Achieve the highest quality levels and reduce defective parts per million by designing with Synopsys’ established EDA and automotive grade IP products that are designed and tested as per the AEC-Q100 standard.

Accelerate Automotive Innovation

Proven products and solutions for differentiated, safe & secure chips and systems, rapid software development, and meeting ISO 26262 compliance, AEC-Q100 qualification and ISO 21434 requirements.

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Industry Participation

Synopsys actively participates in a number of automotive standards organizations, supporting the evolution of these important protocols as vehicle safety, security, reliability, and quality become increasingly critical.


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