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Fusion – bringing together separate elements to create something greater than the sum of the parts – is the defining ethos of the Synopsys Digital Design Family. Through the unique coalescence of industry-leading technologies and products on a single data model, the Synopsys Digital Design Family allows for an aggressive shift left in design methodology, delivering maximum PPA entitlement and significant productivity benefits across the entire RTL-to-signoff flow. Further bolstered by transformative silicon lifecycle management (SLM) technology and the industry’s first, fully-integrated, 3DIC exploration-to-signoff system, this transformative platform solution allows designers to focus less on the mechanics of doing design and instead focus more on the important job of doing innovation.

Key Benefits

Best PPA
Surpass Your Goals. Across processes and technologies, best-in-class engines fuse seamlessly to deliver maximum node entitlement.
Fastest Time-to-Results
Speed Your Innovation. Throughput at scale to match increasing systemic complexity for SoCs, multi-die systems, and entire systems-of-chips.
Most Comprehensive
Design Your Way. Allowing maximum achievable differentiation throughout design, verification, signoff, and the entire silicon lifecycle.

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Innovation is about breaking boundaries, pushing the limits, and challenging how things are done. The Synopsys Digital Design Family reflects all those ideals with a scalable and boundaryless way to accelerate the design process in the most efficient, convergent, and cost-effective manner possible.

Coalescing #1, market-leading products that span test, verification, synthesis, place-and-route, and signoff, toward a single data model and a common optimization infrastructure, enables the unique movement and deployment of advanced technologies throughout the entire design paradigm. Resulting in faster convergence to optimal flows, reduced systemic margins, and thus greater opportunity to realize aggressive design targets within shorter schedules.

By integrating the latest advances in Machine Learning science and with native, cloud ready scalability, the Synopsys Digital Design family of products is uniquely positioned to tackle escalating demands across the HPC, data center, automotive, 5G/mobile, and IoT market segments; ultimately helping to enable and accelerate the next wave of semiconductor-industry innovation.

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