Speed Software Development, Hardware Verification and System Validation

Software development and system validation teams rely on prototyping to meet time-to-market windows. Synopsys HAPS® prototyping solution improves time-to-market and helps avoid costly device re-spins by enabling early embedded software development and allowing high performance system validation prior to availability of the final SoC.

Key Benefits

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Modularity and Scalability

Single FPGA to billion+ gate designs

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Broadest Portfolio

Of accessory cards enabling real-world IO connectivity

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Rich Ecosystem

Of HAPS Connect partners providing customized solutions

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Highest Debug Performance

Through integration with industry standard Verdi

The Industry Standard Across the Supply Chain from IP to Semiconductors

HAPS prototyping solution dramatically accelerates software development, hardware verification and system validation from individual IP blocks to processor subsystems to complete SoCs. HAPS is the de facto industry standard across the entire electronic supply chain from IP to semiconductor and system companies.

HAPS prototyping solution consists of proven, robust hardware platforms and HAPS prototyping software, which are optimized to deliver the best performance. HAPS prototyping software builds on 20+ years of FPGA synthesis expertise build with the Synopsys Synplify FPGA synthesis product line.

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Explore the Industry Leading Product Family

Synopsys’ HAPS prototyping solution offers an integrated prototyping flow. HAPS-100 is the flagship product and targets the most complex designs with highest performance requirements. HAPS-80 is the most deployed prototyping system in the industry. HAPS is supported by an ecosystem of third-party vendors from the Synopsys HAPS Connect Program that provide accessory card interfaces for HAPS.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Phison – Success with HAPS

Discover how Phison boosted their project efficiency and streamlined debugging by transitioning from in-house prototyping platforms to HAPS prototyping, allowing them to meet their project schedules with more predictability.


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