The market is changing and rapidly expanding for FPGAs. Advancements in higher design frequency, embedded system FPGAs,  and lower power consumption, combined with the reprogrammable advantages of FPGAs are increasing adoption into applications that have typically been enabled with ASSP/SoCs, including AI/ML, 5G, crypto, data center and high-performance computing applications.

FPGA designers face several challenges due to the growing size and complexity of FPGA devices and need industry-leading tools and methodology to complete their designs and meet area requirements. The Synopsys FPGA Portfolio is a complete design entry,  debug, FPGA simulation and synthesis solution that accelerates FPGA design completion and is optimized for performance and area. 

  • Simulate mixed language designs with industry-leading VCS® for FPGA simulation
  • Interactive debug with de facto standard Verdi®​ debug
  • Multi-vendor support using Synplify® synthesis 

The combination of design entry, debug, FPGA simulation and synthesis helps to successfully shorten time-to-market and minimize schedule risks for your next complex FPGA.​