Synopsys IP Prototyping Kits

HAPS-100 Single System | Synopsys

Accelerate IP Prototyping and Integration

The Synopsys IP Prototyping Kit for HAPS is the only product that can accelerate your schedule by providing immediate, out of the box access to Synopsys Interface IP optimized for FPGA Prototyping.

Without this product, customers can spend many months trying to optimize ASIC IP for FPGA prototyping without really knowing the details of how the IP is implemented.

The Synopsys IP Prototyping Kit for HAPS is a pre-optimized kit which can be deployed push-button and can save months of tedious effort.

Faster IP Software Development

By providing an interface IP Prototype design, SW development teams do not need FPGA expertise to bring up their interface IP prototype.

Product schedules can be accelerated when SW development begins prior to full SoC HAPS prototype availability. HW and SW development teams can now work in parallel.