Synopsys Webinar

The industry is moving to multi-die systems to benefit from the greater compute performance, increased functionality, and new levels of flexibility. Challenges for multi-die systems are exacerbated and require greater focus on a number of requirements such as early partitioning and thermal planning, die/package co-design, secure and robust die-to-die connectivity, reliability and health, as well as verification and system validation. Attend this webinar series to find out about some of the essential requirements that can help you overcome multi-die system challenges and make your move to multi-die systems successful.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Multi-Die System Trends, Challenges and Requirements
  • Benefits of Early Architecture Design for Multi-Die Systems
  • Innovations in Multi-Die System Co-Design and System Analysis
  • Successful Connectivity of Heterogeneous Dies with UCIe IP
  • Identifying and Overcoming Multi-Die System Verification Challenges
  • Optimizing Multi-Die System Health from Die to Package to In-Field


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